I am thinking of each chapter written by those of you who wish to participate.
Fred Jacobsen posted an entry, as has George Robinson.
Rod Gale is the latest author with a bunch of new entries. Ralph Mattia has just added something special as well.

Think about the time there, how you got there and maybe how the experience changed (or not) your life.

My first thought is that the language should be PG-13 and we don’t tell stories on each other unless you first clear it with that person.

“What stays in ‘Nam”, ya know?

There are some pretty funny stories to come out of that. Our children’s children might appreciate them someday.

I don’t see any limit to how many or how few words and stories you want to add. You can always come back and add more to a story, or add a second or more stories under your name.

We can also add black and white photos and graphics.

The finished book will be available online at a copy price that just covers my costs, plus a dollar that will go to my Boots to Bootstrapping program.

Any takers?

  1. Go to WordPress.com
  2. Look for “If you don’t want a blog you can signup for just a username
  3. Open a user account (not a blog, unless you want your own free blog)
  4. Send Fred the email you used to set up the account along with your user name (not password)
  5. Fred will set you up as an “author” so that you can add/edit posts that I can add to your “chapter” in the blog. You can copy and paste into the WordPress edit space. You can even add photos and graphics.
  6. Once everyone is happy with what they have written, I will massage it and send it off for print publication.


  • Rick Wade  On November 12, 2012 at 11:19 pm

    I was very surprised to stumble on to this site. I was a Palace Dog at Nha Trang. Vehicle accident in July 1971 got me a medivac flight to CONUS. There is a separate Palace Dog site that has a number of frequent participants-most were in Saigon. There is talk of a reunion in 2013. I’ve been looking for Doug Danhoff (U. of Michigan grad), who would have been in Saigon (St. George Hotel?) in mid-1970 to 1971. Anyone know him? Rick Wade

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